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I shall create what I need!

One day, it just got to an ordinary modeler that something is quite inconvenient.
It got him to start making his own tools and things one by one to resolve the issue. Then the modeler came to realize that what he had been creating for his own convenience was what all the other modelers were also seeking for his own.

Arttystation was founded not in seek for profit, but for the convenience of everyone including myself. We thrive to provide the ultimate convenience for all. Everyday, we ArttyStation work diligently to design products that are more convenient, useful, and aesthetically improved products for our customers.


Pursue the best quality.

The highest core value pursued by our Art Station is the satisfaction of all customers that always receiving the highest and same quality products.

Continuous investment in the latest equipment, then product quality such as design, architecture, and function that is constantly improved through repeated discussions for product improvement plans are our core competencies that our Art Station must keep forever.

Always learning

For better products, innovative designs, and convenient functions, we are always constantly learning.

Latest Technology

We strive to provide better quality products at a more reasonable price by introducing the latest technologies.

Safety & Quality

Arttystation is researching and working on the best way to ensure that consumers can use their products safely at all times.

Care for Environment

We are taking the lead in protecting the environment in the future by using eco-friendly paper even for packaging.

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We try to contain the best sincerity.

Even small products, all Arttystation products are packaged one by one by hand, then individually inspected by a responsible supervisor. This is because these devotions finally determine the quality of the product, although production takes more time and costs increase.

In addition, the eco-friendly wood and eco-friendly packaging papers used in the Arttystation are the heart of Arttystation's efforts to create a better society.


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  • Phone: +82-70-4896-6381
  • Fax: +82-31-696-6381
  • Address: F239, MisacenturmBiz B/D 45, Jojeong-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea