Pre-order discount sale & sharing event to commemorate new product launch

Arttystation concert, a storage system exclusively for open and closed plastic models that many people have been waiting for, has finally been released^^

Arttystation concert is the world's first retractable storage system that allows you to organize and store various model items neatly in a narrow space.
This product is very convenient for simple movement.

In commemoration of the release, we are holding a limited amount of pre-order and sharing events, so we ask for your interest and participation ^^

【Event 1 | Share it and we'll give the concert "free"! 】

Among those who share this post, we will present Arttystation concert products for free through a lottery.

-Period: February 28, 2017
-Target: Anyone who shares this post
- Contents :
(1 person) Free Arttystation concert
(3 people) Arttystation concert 10% discount coupon


【Event 2 | Pre-order benefit event】
-Period: Until February 3, 2017
-Description: Product sales price: 269,000 won → 242,000 won discount sale
-Others: General sales start after production and delivery by the reserved person are finished.

Go to Arttystation concert product information:

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Can event 1 be shared by address?


I should also share it on my blog~
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Hello? Thank you for your interest in Arttystation.
Event 1 you mentioned is for sharing on Facebook, but it is better if you share it on a blog, etc.
If you share the URL and tell us the URL in the comments, it will be more accurate.
Thank you!


I went to the Arttystation booth at Kidult & Hobby Expo this time, and it was nice that the booth staff explained very kindly.
Even at the booth, I watched the concert carefully because I thought it was a product that represents my desire to stay away from children as children are still young...
The event is in progress ^ ^

Share on the blog address below to participate in the event.


I can't edit existing comments ㅠㅠ
Participate in the sharing event~
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#Um Joo-kwang // It has been confirmed. Thank you ^^


Hello~ This is a product I like so much~^^
Participate in the sharing event~
Happy New Year~
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Arttystation Concert's reservation purchase has been completed. Thank you for your interest and love.


This is the product I want to buy...
Participate in the sharing event~!!


Participate in the event~~~

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