[ArttyStation] Tilting & Slide Drawer Paint Cabinet OPERA-19 Inquiry

1. [ArttyStation] Tilting & Slide Drawer Paint Cabinet OPERA-19-When will it be restocked? I definitely want to buy it!!!!!!!!!

2. The main paints used by the house are Guyanotsu 15mm and Tamiya Anime. Tamiya is in the option type, and Guyanotsu is in what type?
3. Can I paint on ArttyStation products? If possible, can I use enamel or lacquer?

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Hello? Arttystation.

Thank you very much for your interest in our Arttystation products ^^

The tilting & slide drawer paint cabinet products you inquire are being restocked in units of 10 to 30 as they are continuously produced every few days.
However, as the product is new, it is popular, so as soon as it is worn, it continues to be sold out immediately ㅠ_ㅠ
Therefore, if you need it, please stop by often and check the stock.

The size of the paint bottle is a little ambiguous for the Gaianots paint you contacted with us.
Since it will be surely thicker than for enamel & acrylic, it is expected that it will not be stored.
You need to store it in a 36mm lacquer, but the Gaianots is much thinner than the Gunze lacquer bottle, so there will probably be a lot of space left.

And it doesn't matter if you paint our products.
If you see in the review, some people paint and write ^ ^
However, since our product is a product that is used as a tool rather than a work, there is no specific method, and it is recommended that the film be painted as thick as possible.
(Because it is a product that is still used, there is a risk of it peeling off ^^)

If you have any other inquiries, please feel free to leave an inquiry.

Thank you ^^


I am thinking about how to make a reservation for some time.

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