Overseas purchase inquiry

We will contact you after knowing that you can purchase overseas through Instagram.
During the current promotion period, wishing to purchase (Symphony)
I have a question as follows, please answer.

1. Are there any estimated leadtime and customs issues for shipping to Eastern Canada?
2. Is it possible only in Korea (head office) when AS is needed?
3. The cost, the price difference between the domestic site and the overseas site is severe. In my case, I can pay both in Korean and US dollars
I can't estimate the shipping cost, but the Korean currency payment/delivery seems to be cheaper.

Please answer above.
Thank you.
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Hello? Arttystation.

As shown in the real-time chat consultation, it takes about 2 months to use free shipping to eastern Canada.
AS is possible as long as it is possible, but there is a distance to overseas, so take into account the allowance for the period.
And, if you want to use the free shipping by sea mail, the dollar is cheaper, so we guided you with dollar payment ^^

Thank you and thank you again for placing your order.
Have a peaceful day today too^^

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