Part of the Arttystation Chuseok discount that cannot be canceled

I bought it at the Arttystation cabinet for a Chuseok event, but it costs 49,000 won (discounted price, I don't remember the name)

I made three purchases, but one was canceled due to insufficient quantity, and one was refunded due to damage during delivery.

I ordered on September 9th and canceled the shortfall on September 14th, and there is no cancellation of damaged items yet.

I waited for the product to be canceled when I received it, but the cancellation has not been processed yet. Please check

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Hello? This is Baek Jong-hoon's customer Arttystation!

We responded in detail by phone to the part you said ^^

If you have any other inconveniences, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you. Have a peaceful day today :)

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