Arttystation Piccolo installer

While creating a plastic model workshop, I looked into various works and storage spaces related to plastic models.

You decide to choose one of the Arttystation products.

Here again, I fall into trouble. Piccolo, solo drawer option additions, module combinations, and other larger products

I decided to exclude it due to price issues.

I also made a spray booth before, so I decided to try and think about what I have when I was thinking of buying a new one.

Eventually, after thinking about it, I decided to make a piccolo and order it.

It is heavy when I receive the courier. I think this will not be easy from the beginning

There are a lot of things after taking them out. I like to assemble, but it comes out from a sigh haha

Refer to the manual and make picks.

The assembly feel has improved a lot, so I thought it would be possible to assemble without tools, but I think it would be better to do it with an adhesive or a rubber hammer.

The basic skeleton is irrelevant, but drawers or thin plates must be glued to ensure proper fixation.

Because of the coating, the manufacturer recommends an instant adhesive, but most of the places to be bonded are often uncoated, so it works well with woodworking glue.

Leave a few drawers for parenting and first comeback home~

From the morning of the next day, I work hard to raise children, and in the afternoon, I put them together.

Try putting some tools. Overall, it feels neatly organized.

When I put in the tools one by one, I see some regrets. First, the part where you put the brush, the holes are too small; I would like at least one of them to have a larger caliber so that Gundam markers can be inserted. Unless you are a brush painter, you don't have to use the brush so much, and there is no place where you can put other markers or ink pens, so separate storage and organizing tools are essential.

I was too greedy to put things in a narrow place, so it was too complex and there was a lot of interference between tools. This area certainly needs improvement.

Paint drawers are also a bit disappointing. Tamiya and IPP paints, like the top, fit perfectly.

It contains enough modeling paint or Vallejo acrylic color with a little medium capacity, but a surfacer liquid and finish bottle that is about 5-60ml needs a height of one cap as shown in the picture below. It would have been better if we made it possible to select the height of each cell when assembling. For example, the two lowest drawers can be configured with a higher middle drawer and one drawer for the Sharpscraper.

The runner stand at the top is very convenient. However, the manual support on the right will not be very useful. It would have been better if we could expand other additional display spaces or runner stands with options. I don't know about the Gunpla HG class as for the runner stand, but if it's MG or higher, I have to wear a hat.

This is the end of the purchase and installation of Arttystation Piccolo.

Overall, Arttystation products allow you to organize an efficient workspace at a relatively inexpensive (really cheap if you think of your configuration) price. In fact, even if you try to design and construct a similar MDF, the cost is incomparable. It is possible to reduce the price through relatively mass production through standardization, and it is even more difficult to compare because it is made resistant to contamination with a waterproof coating.

However, it is a little regrettable that there is an unthinkable inconvenience due to the too tight space and standardization that cannot be changed as I try to put too many things.

In fact, I tried to purchase a solo product for the purpose of providing it to the studio members, but I am holding it on hold for financial reasons, but personally I am quite curious. I am thinking of purchasing and installing a solo product next time I have a chance.

Pros and cons brief summary


1. Low cost and space utilization compared to configuration

2. Easy to organize tools with various storage spaces


1. Standardization that cannot be expanded & adjusted

2. Interference occurs between tools by focusing on space utilization

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Hello? Arttystation.
Usually, when you write a review, you only write about the merits.
It was a great help to us as you clearly write down the areas that need improvement.

We will study the points you pointed out and reflect them as soon as possible.
Thanks for the great review :)


Thank you for watching. Since I was a reviewer, that has become a habit. I look forward to a variety of good products in the future.

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