After buying a Sirocco fan, I drilled a hole in the Daiso Pelican box for several months to use it as a spray booth.

(If you make a hole in the back of the pelican box and connect it

It will be a cost-performance spray booth worth 5,000 won.)

If the wall of the spray booth is angled into a box

I didn't know that the sprayed pressure hit the wall and flows back.

I was using the air purifier while doing it a while ago, but I was using it,

Knowing that it wasn't good, I struck a spray booth.

Until before, it seemed that many people left the plywood to the processing house and made it themselves.

When I searched on Naver, I saw something like this.

Arrived in two days, delivery passed this much :)

It consists of a manual, two flyers, and a prefabricated MDF plywood.

But for the MDF surface, it was coated so it was soft without the unique feeling of MDF.

I'm already feeling comfortable with the thought of assembling.

Still, the manual is intuitive, so I just need to fit it together.

However, it is MDF, so if you apply excessive force, it will be like this...

Be careful

The bottom and top are completed


When the space for wire work is completed,

Finish to the second floor

It has a magnet so it can be easily mounted when opening and closing the acrylic door or fixing the filter.

Approximate finish

Connect the sirocco fan duct

A filter is installed for dust filtering.


The size is also Adam (about 32x42x27).

There is much more room for work than the siroccopan directly placed on the pelican box.

However, I dumbly forgot to order the acrylic door, so I have to order it again.

(It is said to be purchased separately.)

Others can order together when purchasing.


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