Hello I’m wondering what exactly is included with and what is the additional options for the Opera? Thanks
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Thank you for your contact :)

The "Opera Full Set" product consists of 2 x OPERA-01, 4 x OPERA-02, 1 x OPERA-03, 1 x OPERA-04, 1 x OPERA-05, 1 x OPERA-06, 2 x OPERA-07, 2 x OPERA-08, and 1 x OPERA-09.
and exclusive paint shelf for OPERA-15, OPERA-16 and OPERA-17 is also included by default.

- If you wish to add an additional blower fan set, acrylic cover, dust filter and a toggle switch for the power supply to OPERA-06 spray booth of "Opera full set" you can select from the option.
- The OPERA-02 module also has space for four drawers. The OPERA-02 product includes two drawers, the other two being used as empty spaces. however, if you want to use all four spaces as drawers, you can purchase "Corner Drawers" from the options.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!

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