Assembly inquiry

I think you should use adhesive when assembling solo products or additional drawers.

Right? So what is the recommended adhesive? (White glue for woodwork? For plastic models? Ordinary pig bond?)

Let me know


When assembling the product, it fits too tightly

I was impressed... the surface texture is so good^^

I wish you a lot of progress and good exports. ~~

ps............ Among the additional drawer cabinets for solo use, the divider for inserting the center groove (5) is missing from the assembly of small drawer cabinet #5 ?
If it is missing, please send it as if you ordered it on Thursday. If it is not, I ask that you can insert anything that fits the size. I really need it~~~
(Contact 010-6263-4550)

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Hello? Arttystation.

Thank you so much for being satisfied with our product ^^
In the future, we will devote ourselves to becoming our Arttystation working hard to make even better products.

As for the adhesive you mentioned, we recommend instant adhesive rather than woodworking adhesive.
This is because our products are coated on the surface so that the woodworking bond does not penetrate, so instantaneous adhesives are the most suitable.

And we will ship the missing partition parts of the chest of drawers you mentioned along with the additional products you ordered today.

Thank you.
Please always have a peaceful day ^^

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