Hello I am an Arttystation buyer last year

I bought it last year..... I was doing something after moving at that time

I forgot to assemble the Arttystation, but now I did it.

But...Bonnie the blow fan... Acrylic, etc.

I don’t think the children have come. I looked through the boxes, but there’s none.

..It seems that only the opera came. The order was made on October 24th last year. At that time, I ordered not only the low item but also Java or this and that, but the boss called me

I said it was too waste, so I took some of it. So I remember

It’s too late.... It’s very ambiguous to ask that there’s no.

When the goods came at the time.. It was too heavy, housework and hesitation

It passed so fast.. And now I put my breath away and assembled the Arttystation... I'm sad

And some of the parts are wrong. I'll call you tomorrow.
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Hello? Arttystation.

Is the box you've checked the Arttystation opera box?
The optional products we mentioned when sending the product are packaged and sent in a separate box from the Opera product box.

It is said that it has been about a year since you received it, so please check if it is in another box ^^

And if you have any problems with parts during opera assembly, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you :)


Oh, the box was one. It was a very big one. I couldn't see the rest.

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