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Arttystation Concert full review on FB.

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I ordered the Arttystation Concert on July 22nd, 2019 from Korea. I received it July 30th after a brief hangup in Customs as they were confused what it was exactly.

It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to assemble the main compartment and swing shelves of the "Concert" station. With all together what I have assembled a total of 4 actual hours spent. I do have to assemble a few of the drawers still so there is technically a bit more time added to that total.

The actual main part of the station I didn't use any glue on it and it still felt extremely solid. Don't think have to worry about it just falling apart.

It does assemble quite easily and the rules seemed pretty straight forward to me except the side extension to the base I initially put on incorrectly despite the instructions.

The drawers them selves the front face only really attaches at the bottom of it. Nothing connecting it to the two sides of it. This is worrisome to me for strength. As your pulling the drawer in and out it just doesn't seem like time will make sure it is strong. I did use the liquid super glue on the side letting it seep into the edges and so far with full drawers it is holding up. Just over time it might not....but still EXTREMELY happy with this entire product.

I grabbed four extra sets of the paint exclusive shelf options giving me MANY options for the various paints a person might use. I plan to use the extra racks and make some that stand outside the Concert station.

I grabbed the Concert over the Opera option as this does close up and in theory could be moved off your desk to clear it off. Might be heavy but still movable.

#scalemodel #gunpla #modelkit #arttystation

Arttystation Concert all closed up above. The nail holes is my fault and not the manufacture. I had my nail gun dailed to shoot to deep at first.

Here the front cutting pad flap is down. It is a little bowed right now but hope with time it will flatten out. I also am considering just taking the flap off because my whole table top will be a cutting pad when get it in.

Here showing off the right swing arm that hold some of the paint. This thing is solidly built. Only used glue on the drawers and the front flap.

Here it is with both sides opened. I still need to assemble the large and medium drawers. I am a little concerned the front of the drawers is only attached to the drawer box at the booth. not the sides. As of right now I used liquid super glue and does seem like its holding up but still the sides and back have attachments the squeeze together but not the front.....

Tool holder. I ordered the paint mix bowls from amazon which fit perfectly into the designed holes. Think they were $5 for 10.

I grabbed four extra sets of the Exclusive paint tray adjustable holders. I wanted options and honestly didn't know what was included exactly with the Concert. It actually came with five different sets of the adjustable paint tray shelves. SO now I have extra options up the ring hang. I should of only grabbed two Vallejo Exclusive shelve options since that is the paint I mostly use.

It came in a single box that weighed roundly 50 pounds I believe. I was initially concerned that it be damaged as the box had a blow out. But inside the box was four identical sized flat boxes that held the parts. Then inside that they were extremely well packaged in layers of  papered protection. Nothing was broke in my package.


Arttystation (admin)
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