[Event/Notice] Limited quantity discount event & change notice

1. Arttystation is holding a large discount event in limited quantities for the New Year.
-Opera : 349,000 → 295,000 won (limited to 3 units)
-Symphony: 219,000 → 195,000 won (limited to 2 units)
Due to the changes to be announced below, the product that has already been made in the existing version is sold at a special price, so it will be very helpful to members who have a purchase plan.
2. Opera starts selling individually by module.
Until now, due to the limitation of order production, Opera products, which were only available as a full set, can now be purchased by module.
You can use only the modules you need in a narrow space, or you can attach additional modules to the full set.
(Available for purchase from February 1, 2017)
3. Instant purchase is possible, not made to order.
Until now, Arttystation was received as a custom-made one or two weeks after ordering, so there was a lot of inconvenience.
From February 1, 2017, if you place an order, we have prepared it so that you can receive it immediately, just as you would for general product purchases.
Although it is still in its infancy, it is a new year beginning with more and more responsibility for the interest and love you show. We hope that all members of Arttystation will always have peace in the new year. Thank you ^^
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