Missing a part of my order

I placed an order for the following items earlier this month:

Order Products

Slide&Tilting Drawer Paint Shelf OPERA-19A (For acrylic, enamel)$37.801$37.80
Add Drawer for Arttystation Solo$19.801$19.80
Shipping Cost :$0.00
Order Total :$57.60

Only the Add Drawer for Arttystation Solo was delivered.  There was no indication of a second package in transit, and I have received no response after two emails sent to the admin address.  Please let me know when to expect delivery of my Slide&Tilting Drawer Paint Shelf OPERA-19A (For acrylic, enamel.)  

I had previously ordered and received another slide&tilting drawer paint shelf and the Arttystation Solo compact workstation.  I enjoyed assembling them and found them to be a great value for the price.  I am deeply disappointed to have not received a part of a second order I placed, and even more disappointed to have received no response to my queries.

My order number was 6345  The tracking number was: UPS | 1Z EF9 984 04 5604 4288

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