Arttystation paint shop assembly & review

Paint storage... This is very annoying.... When I was painting at home, I put paint in a drawer and used it. It was inconvenient to find and take out...

Then, thanks to my wife who doesn't like painting at home, I paint in the workshop, but I put it in a steel box like the one below, but it was inconvenient to take it out.

I felt like I wanted to purchase it as a set, but I only purchased paintwork. It was out of stock until last week, but this week it was in stock, so I ordered it quickly.

When you open the box.. Pre-assembly precautions and cashback event information.

Because I bought two paint sheets for enamel and lacquer, there are two inner boxes. .

When you open the box... oh... you'll find a package protected by a manual and paper packaging.

The manual is in English at first and Korean at the middle..

There are not many parts when unpacked... Unlike ordinary MDF, they are coated and bare.

I am asked to prepare my own assembly preparation... Instant adhesive and sandpaper, but I assembled it with woodworking glue, clamps, and design knife.

Although it is stated in the manual, there is a part that does not fit well because it is stiff when it is inserted during assembly.

I have also cut off the bottom arrow.

Assembly completed... I made two at once, but it took about an hour and a half from opening the box to completion, but there is not much difficulty in assembling..

It was less dry, but I tried adding paint. Oh... it's neat... I like it

When you open the drawer, the paint is bowed down, so it's not difficult to take it out.

Only the bottom of the first floor paint shop is a bit out of the way...

Because of the rolling paint, it was difficult to organize, so I was very annoyed to buy and find the paint of the same color again. ^^

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