The courier didn't come to my house, so no matter how much I look at it, it seems that it was chosen for freight delivery by mistake.

3667 order number.

Can you check it out?
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Hello? Arttystation.

First of all, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The order you mentioned was shipped with the following 3 invoice numbers by Lotte Courier on the day of order.


When we look up the invoice number now, can it be confirmed that the product has been moved to the delivery agency near Sihwa Industrial Complex the day after the order?
Since then, it seems that the update has stopped, so the product is probably large and heavy.

Usually, no matter how much postponed, the delivery will be finished before the weekend, so it seems that it will arrive during today (Fri).
We will check the details again tomorrow and reply.

Thank you. Have a peaceful day^^

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