Shipped due to missing product configuration


I received the delivery on the last weekday and the time on the weekday is running out.

I'm assembling little by little

I ordered an additional set of blow fans from the Opera Full Option product.

Only the blow fan and the pipe arrived, and the cord line and the Stam Peninsula are missing.

I checked all of them to see if they are in different boxes, but those two items are missing

And I would like to install LED lights in the spray booth. Do you sell parts separately as a set including wiring??

When I ordered a full set of Opera, I was a bit embarrassed because I thought it was automatically entered because it was not in the set option

Please answer fast
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Hello? Arttystation.

Details of the inquiries were given over the phone in the morning ^ ^

We will become an Arttystation working harder.

Thank you.

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