We will resend damaged products free of charge!

Hello Sir,

We ship the product after packing as safe as we can so that it won't be damaged when we ship it overseas.

As a result, Until now It was very rare for a product to be damaged.

However, If you find any breakage in the product when you received your order, please let us know immediately by email or online chat service. 

As soon as the damage is confirmed, We promise to re ship you the new parts free of charge in worldwide!

Now don't worry about the product being damaged and delivered.

Thank you.

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My Boyfriend started building his Symphony after we finally moved in and it is missing some of the drawers. how can we get the missing drawers replaced?
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Please send the address and information to be received to admin@arttystation.com. We will send you the missing drawer right away.

More information for the service you can receive are described in detail in the product manual.

Thank you :)

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