Arttystation Bass release commemoration joint purchase & event information

【Arttystation Bass release commemorative joint purchase & event information】
The Arttystation Bass new product, which many people have been waiting for and have been with with various ideas, has finally been released.
In commemoration of the release, we are holding a discount joint purchase and review event with the mmzone community.

1. Discount joint purchase

-In partnership with MMZONE, the largest model community in Korea, we are conducting discount joint purchases of all Arttystation Bass products.
-Visit the URL below to participate in joint purchase of all Arttystation Bass products at discounted prices.

2. Late Event

-To those who participate in the joint purchase and leave a review of Arttystation Bass on SNS or MMZONE, we will give a free gift of the desired product among all Arttystation products through a lottery.

> The joint purchase period is until January 19, 2018.
> Last review event is January 31,
> The post-event lottery will be announced in February.

Go to joint purchase link:[%EA%B8%B0%ED%9A%8D]&no=2795

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