Fan suggestions for new spray booth design?


Do you recommend any specific fan models/brands for use with the v2 spray booth? Thanks!
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We apologize for the late response.
Because it took time to look up a suitable blower fan to recommend.

The new version of our OPERA-06 spray booth is compatible with most products with a 150mm (6 inch) exhaust pipe FAN.
FANs of this spec can be easily compared and purchased at a wide variety of price ranges at shopping malls such as

In addition to the products in the URL attached above, you can use any number of higher performance products or cheaper products if you wish.

If you have any question, please feel free contact to us.

Thank you :)
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James Cutillo

Hi I reached out to vivosun, called them and they told me that this was not safe for flammables. This is a hydroponic fan. I may not be 100 % but i  need a reliable fan for this product, just bought the entire opera and cannot find a suitable fan in USA that is 150 mm

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