Opera purchase inquiry

I am going to purchase a full set of opera.
I know that the spray booth can be purchased at no additional cost by replacing it with a runner stand.
Is it correct?
And I'm curious to see if it's in stock after ordering.
If the delivery is delayed due to the production period, it may be difficult, so I have to think about purchasing it next time.
Looking at the reviews, it is most often damaged due to omissions of the product or attributable to the courier during delivery.
This part is also worrisome.
Of course, thank you for the quick post-processing even in case of damage...
In that case, will the seal be wasted again...
One more thing I'm curious about is the gallery photos that all the lighting fixtures are the same product.
No matter how much I look at the options, there aren't any.
Can I know where to buy?
I think it goes well with the opera model ^^
There were a lot of questions about this and that.
The important thing is whether you can receive the product soon after ordering..
Also, is it possible to replace the booth with a runner stand for free?
Good job~

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Hello? Arttystation.

At that time, I couldn't confirm whether you left an inquiry on the QnA bulletin board because you also contacted us by phone. Sorry ^^;

The contents of inquiries were changed as requested and proceeded well ^ ^

We look forward to your continued interest and love for our Arttystation.

Thank you.

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