Inquiry about the composition of the cone set paint plate

When purchasing concert products, the paint plate is not included in the option, right?

And how many paint plates should I buy?
I think the paint plate can fit in 4 blank spaces, but I am curious if the paint plate 4100 won means the whole of the 3rd stage plate in one place.

In general, is it okay to purchase 4 more?
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Hello? Arttystation.

Sorry for the late reply ㅠㅠ

As I answered through chat consultation, of course, a paint plate that can be used by default is included in the concert.

The included paint plate configuration is,

There are 2 sets of 36mm, 2 sets of 26mm, and 1 set of square.

And the additional paint plate you inquire is the paint plate you purchase if you want a different composition other than the above composition,

If you purchase 1 product of KRW 4100, it contains all 4 plates that fit into 1Zone.

Thank you ^^

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