The Solo product has been newly upgraded!

Hello? Arttystation.

The "Arttystation Solo" product, which many people have been waiting for re-production, has been re-produced in a more upgraded form, not a simple reproduction ^^

The newly produced solo products,

-The sales price has been reduced by more than 20% compared to the existing price,

-According to the opinions given by several members, one part of the iris has been newly changed and added to the "Stick Sandpaper Flower" function.

-The smallest hole in the iris has been deleted, the number of large holes that are frequently used has been increased, and the size of the holes has also been increased.

-On the left side of the product, the beautiful Arttystation logo has been newly engraved.

Arttystation solo products are available now.

If you have any other inquiries about the product, please feel free to contact Arttystation.

I hope you have a peaceful day today.

Thank you.

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