Become a shareholder of Arttystation!

『Become a shareholder of Arttystation! 』

After the start of Arttystation, we met with many buyers, exhibition halls and the community.
Thanks to the praise and support given by various modelers .

After 2 years since its founding, it has gained a lot of recognition, and overseas exports have also become active.

Thanks to this, for more complete product development and full-fledged overseas market development,

Formally establish a new corporation, and conduct crowdfunding with Wadiz to recruit investors.

We look forward to seeing many members who appreciate the value of our Arttystation and join us in the future.

Investor benefits
1️⃣ ️ 30-50% discount purchase coupon for each investment amount
2️⃣ When new products are released, prior disclosure and discounts are provided to shareholders
3️⃣ ️If you just apply for notification, you can draw Arttystation as a gift

<Wadiz | Go to Arttystation Crowd Funding Page | Click>

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