Arttystation survey results announced (Solo winners announced)

Hello? Arttystation.

Arttystation celebrates its 1st anniversary and wants to listen to the voices of its members in the spirit of making even better products in the future.
"New Product Release Commemoration Survey Event" was held.

After the survey period of about a month and a half is over, we will report the results to our members^^

First of all, the total number of members who participated in this survey is "114 minutes" .
It was a result that was greatly encouraged by our Arttystation as more members participated than expected.

Then I'll give you some important details.

This is the satisfaction score evaluated by those who purchased the product.

It was one of the results that helped me a lot to think that most of the purchasing members gave very positive scores and that their efforts were not wasted.

The results of the questions asking about product quality and finish are as above.

Overall, you gave me a good evaluation,

I was thinking about whether or not the price part could be supplied a little cheaper.

In terms of finish and durability, most of the purchasing members gave good reviews from most of the members. (Our product is really resistant to moisture and shock ㅠㅠ)

However, there are also members who want to improve a little more, so we also have to worry that we should pay more attention to quality.

Questions about the usefulness of Arttystation products

Most of our members gave us a good review for the usefulness of our Arttystation, without any negative comments.

We will do our best to continuously release convenient and improved products with better ideas and efforts in the future.

This item has been answered by members who have not yet purchased Arttystation.

You want to buy it, but the reason that makes you hesitate is

After all, "workspace problem" took up the most weight,

In some ways, such as there is not a product of the configuration and size that I need” and “because of family members (parents or children)” , you most often talked about the difficulties of space such as the above reasons.

Our Arttystation is also reducing the needs of these members

In the future, we will do our best to release many kinds of new products suitable for a more diverse work environment.

And another important reason is still the price ^^;

Currently, the amount sold in Korea is about half the price of our products sold overseas (it is domestic, so you have to get it cheaply in Korea^^)

There may still be room for further cost savings.

We will try to ease the burden on our members even a little through continuous research.

(And the members who said " I don't like it because it's made of MDF" ㅠㅠ

The wood used in our products is HDF (High Density Fiberboard), which is significantly different from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), which is generally sold in the wood market.

This is a very sturdy and hard material used for the top of the table tennis table, and it is hardly deformed during long-term use and is very resistant to moisture.

In the feedback from members who have already purchased it in the early days and have been using it for more than a year, there was no feedback on wood deformation ㅠㅠ

Our products are really strong. Believe me, black black...)


Among the opinions you have left subjectively, we will select some of the questions that need to be answered and take this place to answer :)

└ As you said, even if the price increases a little, there are people who want high-quality products.

We are preparing a high-end version made of birch within a short period of time. Please look forward to it^^

└ It seems that more members than expected do not yet know that our Opera products are sold individually by module^^

(Publicity is still insufficient ㅠㅠ I will work harder ㅠㅠ)


If you go to the above category, you can purchase only the modules you want separately, and of course, you can individually configure the desired configuration ^^

└ Currently, our Arttystation products are on display at famous plastic model shops in Korea such as Joy Habi, Asem Habi, and Homihwabang.


If you enter the link above, you can see the stores currently on display and the products displayed in those stores.

Once again, we would like to thank the many members who participated in the survey.

In this survey, I felt a lot of interest and affection from our members for our products, and it was also a valuable opportunity to learn a lot.

Even after 5, 10, 20 years of our Arttystation

In order to remember the heart of the first year now, I want to keep it as a record so that I can see and remember it

I prepared it with such a long post, but I am worried about what it was like to see it ^^;


I hope all members have a peaceful hangawi.

<< Announcement of event winners to receive Arttystation Solo!!! >>

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