a Concert indeed.

Long story short, great product, great packaging and professional customer service.

Most of us, the leisure modellers do not have the luxury to model 24-7. There will be down time when we are carried away by life commitments for weeks or months and our workstation will be left unattended and covered with dust. I've been searching for a covered yet good looking storage system but I had no luck until I stumbled upon arttystation's Concert.

A very thorough packaging on all parts. With bubble wraps and this thin wooden layer thingy I've not seen before. Noob I know. If you're ordering Concert, bare in mind that you will be receiving 2 big boxes, and there are 2 smaller boxes packed in each of the bigger box. So 4 boxes in total for Concert's parts. I had 2 tracing numbers because the 2 big boxes were packed separately, so do take note. 

Unlike some poorly made products we purchase online, the sizes and thickness of the MDF boards are accurate and consistent. If everything is assembled correctly, the end product will look handsomely proportionate as shown on the picture above. Also to note, I did use quite some strength while hammering with rubber mallet.

If you're Gaia user like me, do take note that Gaia bottles can be loosely fitted on the 36mm Paint Shelf. However, the bottles would be slightly slanted on the first level of the shelves portrayed on attached picture. I don't think there are official paint shelf designs for Gaia yet. 

Gaia's 50ml bottles fit perfectly well onto the Mix Jar storage area too ! 

Overall it was a very pleasant shopping experience with Arttystation. There is room of improvement on how the manual is being constructed at the moment and the customer service is fully aware of that. They mentioned that they will improve on the future releases of the manual and to me, this is the kind of shop I would return to because they listen, and they improve. Not forgetting to mention, there were a few damaged parts received and after presenting proofs to the customer service, just like how they advertised, they resend the damaged parts for free. 


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