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ArttyStation Opera

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ArttyStation Opera


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Product Feedback

5/ 5stars
This product is a real hit.
When I started working at home, I started to crack, I was burdened, I was noticed by other family members
Just set it on your desk, you can organize it, and it's much easier to work. I have always been set up so that I can be a very comfortable and casual hobby without having to pay for it every time I start.
There are quite a few convenience stores, but I will not list them all.
I bought it with great care, but I think I bought it really well.
It's a product worth investing in. Thank you ^ ^
5/ 5stars
I purchased both opera / symphony 2 products through joint purchase. (One for the rest of the house and one for the studio)
If you leave a few common posts
1. Aesthetic satisfaction as shown in the picture is significant.
2. There is more storage than I thought.
3. Very long objects or large objects should be protruded or folded.
4. Work time is greatly reduced.
5. Spray booth performance is better than I thought (Opera version)
That's what I think.
5/ 5stars
good. It is possible to securely hold tools such as those open on the desk.
It's so pretty and nice.
If you would like to sell parts separately for each part, it will be better to maintain or change the paint type in the future.
I sell a lot ~ ~
5/ 5stars
Thank you for purchasing these products in Korea.
It was a product that we had seen from the time of the joint purchase in the old mmzone, but it was very sorry that we could not participate at that time due to the circumstances of the fund.
To summarize, the texture of the wood is more luxurious than the picture, it is bigger and much more beautiful than the photograph.
But what is more comfortable than anything is that every time I make a pra, I unfolded my supplies,
If you want to make a pra, it is the best merit to be able to start working right away.
Before that, if you do not have enough time because of the preliminary preparation work, you should just give up and do next time.
Now it takes 2 ~ 30 minutes, so I can work on it for a while, so the efficiency is much higher ~ and the work time is shortened.
It is a natural advantage at such a price to be able to pull out a lot of equipment right out of the work.

If you are a modeler who is constantly making PR for more than a year, you will not regret it at all.
I really like it because it saves time more than anything ^^
Total Rating : 5/5 based on 4 customer reviews
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Product QnA

  • Complete
    Ask about Opera full settings
    What options do I have to order to order Opera as the official product image?
    Hi Arti Station.
    In addition to the basic set,
    "Blowing Fan Set", "Set of 3 Switches", "Acrylic Cover", "Filter"
    You can add.
    Unfortunately, there are not any products that our company sells.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Thank you.

  • Complete
    We have questions about spray booths.
    I am in a situation where I have to reduce the work desk because the birth of the second generation is ahead of my nose.
    The current spray booth is manufactured using Innotek's Sirocco fan TIS-140F.
    I would like to use the corresponding fan in opera. If it is possible to install it or not, please answer it as possible.
    Hi? To use your Sirocco fan
    Please use this product after changing the caliber.

    Thank you ^ ^
  • Complete
    I'd like to order two sets of full sets.
    I want to delete the runner rack vertical column and corner vertical column from the full set.
    I think I have a lot of differences in ordering and price between modules ...
    I would like to delete two vertical left (runners, corners) when I look at the picture ... Is it possible to place an order like this?
    Hi? Arti Station.
    Thank you for your interest in our products.

    I am sorry to request you to exclude some modules that you mentioned, but it is a little difficult to provide.
    The price of a full set of opera is much cheaper than when it is individual, because it is priced at a certain discount rate when purchasing full set quantity, so it is difficult to lower the price by subtracting one or two modules from there. Sorry.

    However, changing a part of a module to a module of a different function may be possible without a large amount,
    If you are interested in this kind of service, please contact us at ARTISTATION.

    Thank you. Please be a peaceful week.
  • Complete
    Height contact
    What is the default height of Opera?
    Hi? Thank you for your interest in ARTISTATION ^
    The maximum height of the Art Station Opera is 450mm (45cm).
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!
  • Complete
    Spray booth lighting, switch ...
    Opera Late, etc., I think that the LIDI tongs, spray booth LED, toggle switch, etc. are individual purchases.
    I would like to recommend a nice sibling, toggle switch, plate LED product etc ... Frankly, it would have been better if all of this had been put in one place, but I can not help it ... ^^ ;;

    I am planning to purchase three sets of opera ... I can add acrylic cover and Loctite (can I assemble the whole thing with a small one?), A rubber hammer (which is good enough why I need it) (I have a blower ...)
    Hi? Thank you for your interest in our Art Station Opera ^^

    The toggle switch is an optional option.
    For example,
    Tested with this product

    The booth internal LED,
    This product has been tested with 8 options.

    And just as you said, Loctite 401 Instant adhesive makes it possible to fully assemble.

    If you have a rubber hammer, you can use our CNC to measure up to 0.1mm.
    So if you press it with your hand and press it, but if you assemble several pieces, your hand may get hurt.

    Since the filter is a consumable item, you can use it as much as you need ^^

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at ARTISTATION and we will do our best to respond.
    Thank you.
  • Complete
    Can I change the spray booth location?
    Hi. This user is interested in purchasing very carefully.
    The spray booth is on the right side of the picture. Is it installed on the left side?
    please answer about my question.
    Hi? Arti Station.
    Spray booths can be changed to either left or right of Opera as you said ^ ^
    If you want to change the left and right, you can change the left and right sides of the plate on which the blowing fan runs.
    Thank you for your interest in Arti Station ^^
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