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ArttyStation Opera

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ArttyStation Opera


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Product Description

Arttystation Opera
What is ArttyStation?
Pla-Modeling/Model Crafting requires countless items and tools.
Moreover, it requires more than an ordinary desk could provide with product runners, instruction, color-mixing palette, a variety of paints, etc taking room.

ArttyStation is the ultimate solution for organization, and limitation of workspace when crafting in one stop. It contains all features required for model crafting.

From paint shelf, nipper/tweezer holder, runner stand, instruction holder, color-mixing palette, brush holder, tool hanger to compartments of many sizes allows ArttyStation to perfectly store and hold all tools needed for model crafting.

Any complex and confined space can turn into a perfect workstation with ArttyStation.
Exclusive Paint Shelf
Various paints that are mandatory in Pla-model/model crafting, takes up the most room in workspace.
ArttyStation is equipped with paint storage of 6 rows on each side. Exclusive storage of highly used paint brands is located on the bottom 4 rows, and the top 2 rows are available to store any paint regardless of its brand or size.

Three types of paints (36mm cylindrical GSI lacquer, Tamiya Acrylic / square Tamiya Enamel, Academy Enamel, Tester Enamel / 26mm cylindrical Acrylic) are available in exclusive paint shelf, 36mm and under sized cylindrical paints such as Humbrol or ModelMaster can be spaciously accommodated.

General-purpose shelf can be used to store any tools such as varying size of bottling equipment, thinner, or large paints.
Various Compartments
ArttyStation provides plenty of storage space to store all tools needed in Pla-model/Model Crafting.
Also, three types of storage compartments of varying size are provided to neatly store tools of different shapes.

Moreover, empty compartments can be utilized to store often needed items or items need temporary storage.
ArttyStation`s drawers have a window to easily check the content, so it is convenient to know what is stored in the drawer without opening it.
Also, it is equipped with a name tag that can be used to memo the content of drawer, to readily categorize each drawer.
Drawers of varying size allow to organize all items without leaving any behind.
Frequently used tools were researched and measure to design our drawers for snuggle fit of tools in the compartment. It minimizes wasted space after storage.
Brush/Tool Holders
ArttyStation can store brushes and long tools of different lengths and sizes.

General brush/tool holders were difficult to search through other brushes since it was to put brushes vertically in from above.
ArttyStation got rid of this problem by diagonally placing the holder so brushes in any slot can be reached with ease.

Total of 114 slots provides plenty of room to sufficiently store all types of brushes and long tools that an individual may use in one place.
ArttyStation`s Brush/Tool Holders are visibly divided with a separation line to organize in categories.

A variety of tools such as painting brushes, weathering brush, color-mixing tools, knives, craft thread, etc. can be all stored without clutter, and neatly put away.
It is designed with large, medium, and small slots to hold thin brushes to thick tools without frustration.

ArttyStation`s Brush/Tool Holder is composed of triple layer board that provides neat organization of tools even when they are put away horizontally.
Color-Mixing Palette
ArttyStation can hold color-mixing plates to arrange them like a palette.

The plates are designed to set on a slant so when paint is poured on, it gathers toward the front. It minimizes amount of paint wasted, and keeps it from drying for longer period of time.

On the right is a used brush holder to set brushes down between painting.
The back of color-mixing palette can be used to hang a roll of aluminum foil or wrap. The roll can be rolled out to cover paint plates.
Before coloring, cover up all color-mixing plates with foil and use the top of foil as a palette. After the task, remove the foil to minimize cleaning.

Use ArttyStation to minimize cleaning work which is one of the most tedious work in painting to focus more on the fun of model crafting.
Modeling Equipment Multi-Holder
Products being used for model crafting are usually take their place on a desk.
If things like a thinner container for brush cleaning or glue accidentally spills over, it is most likely that much damage will be done.

ArttyStation can resolve all difficulties at once.

Tools often being used for model crafting such as types of glues, brush cleaning thinner container, super glue, Q-tips/toothpick container, large thinner jar and etc. are stored in one place for convenient organization. Not to mention the benefit of preventing spills and accidents since these items are fixed in place.
Nipper/Tweezer Holder
Probably tweezers and nippers are the most oftenly used tools in pla-model/model crafting.
ArttyStation is able to hold these mandatory tools in a simplified setting, and provides easy access Nipper/Tweezer Holder.

The holder is divided into two sections to distinguish nipper like tools, and tweerzer like tools. Any tools that can be hanged, can be stored without a problem.
Behind the holder, there is a Tape Holder to hang tapes to easily dispense and cut to be used, a space to put tissue box and spray cans.

Tape Holder is featured with a bar that can be used to temporarily place cut tapes, so it can be utilized to cut tape pieces, and prepare for model crafting.

Tape Holder & Nipper/Tweezer Holder are designed for easy disassemble to conveniently place a tissue box or spray cans.
Nipper/Tweezer Holder is not a cylinder shaped, but as seen in the image on the left it is partially angulated.

This shape helps to find and take out tools with ease by facing upside of the tools toward the user.

Moreover, if a tweezer is set on a cylindrical bar it would stretch the tweezer to the thickness of the bar, and it may result in losing tension of expensive tweezer tools. Nevertheless, the bar shape shown on the left allows the holder to set all the way in tweezers to maintain the tension and elongate its life span by minimizing the distortion.
Manual Stand
Pla-model/Model Crafting cannot be completed without an instruction.
Generally, intructions are set on the ground or a book stand is being used to hold it up, but it takes up too much space.

ArttyStation is equipped with an instruction stand to set instruction conveniently. The stand can be adjusted to set its angle for a comfortable view.
ArttyStation`s instruction stand can accommodate big sized guides without issues.

If necessary, back board of the stand can be taken out to set small laptops to allow researching of needed data while working for high standard finished product.

There is a tool holder on top of the stand to hang tools temporarily or set tools of high usage for convenience.
Runner Stand
ArttyStation is featured with a runner stand to store Pla-model runner with ease.

Conventionally, runners were stored in product boxes in a pile, or utilized poor quality ready-made runner stand that were too small and inconvenient to hold a runner.

ArttyStation`s runner stand is designed with enough room for runner storage, and solid structure for conveniently store runners.
Runner stand storage is enough to store general runners in market.

The width of each compartment is designed with more than sufficient space that even the runner larger than a stand can be stored by folding in two layers.
Spray Booth
Spray booth takes up most volume and importance in model crafting.

ArttyStation utilizes small space of 30cm x 30cm left and right to install a spray booth with superior performance compared to some low-cost spray booth, and solved the issue of shifting work sites for airbrushing to finish crafting in one seating at craft workstation.
Wide Booth Entry
ArttyStation`s spray booth is small but the entry where the actual spraying is being done is quite wide.

After attaching the acrylic cover on each side to begin airbrushing, it turns into a large space of 42cm from left to right, and provides sufficient space to airbrush a large sized model.
Dust Cover for Full Rear Side
Spray booth are quick to be contaminated after airbrushing with many types of paints.

ArttyStation`s spray booth can install dust filter that covers all rear left & right side that clean booth can be maintained by replacing the filter.

The dust filter is fixed with 4 covers fixed with magnets for easy and simple filter change.
Place Anywhere on Left or Right side
The spray booth for ArttyStation Opera is designed in modular form that it can be installed any side to accommodate user’s needs.

It can be repositioned to adjust for changed needs, so it is versatile and can be used for longer time with less fuss.
Installable High-power Sirocco Blower Fan
ArttyStation`s spray booth is specifically built to install sirocco fan TB-115 from InnoTech which is most well known among personal spray booth fans.

Install cost-effective and powerful TB-115 to complete build of a silent spray booth with performance at another level.

(TB-115 is not included in the product set)
3 Types of Toggle Switch
There are three locations available to freely install toggle switch to accommodate the user`s needs.

The user can choose to install toggle switch as Spray Booth On/Off, Interior Booth Light On/Off, or ArttyStation Overall Light On/Off Switch.
Acrylic Cover
ArttyStation`s Spray Booth is featured with an acrylic cover to prevent dust or foreign substance to flow in when the booth is not being used.

The acrylic cover is fixed with magnet for simple detaching, and the detached cover can be slided in on each side to expand spray booth work area.
※ In order to utilize Spray Booth/Toggle Switch, Blower Fan and Spray Booth Lights (can be purchased separately at the shop) are needed for the assemble.

※ Assemble instruction is presented in the product manual in detail for an easy build.
Dominant Cost-Effectiveness
High-density Double-side Coated HDF
ArttyStation uses high-density MDF(HDF) that are more durable compared to a general standard MDF to highly increase stability.

Moreover, both sides of HDF are coated with clear, or white that fight against moisture and dust.
Even if stains occur, it can be cleaned with wet towel or thinner, and able to use product cleanly for a longer period.

(due to characteristic of wood, it may be vulnerable to high moisture for extended time)

Product Feedback

5/ 5stars
이 제품 진짜 대박입니다.
집에서 작업할 때 한번 시작하면 완전 너져분해지고, 부담되고, 다른 가족들한테도 눈치보이고 했는데
딱 책상에 셋팅해놓으니 정리도 잘되고 작업도 훨씬 편합니다. 항상 셋팅이 되어있어서 한번 시작할때마다 부담되거나 그러지도 않고 아주 편하고 자연스럽게 취미생활을 할 수 있게 되었네요.
이것저것 소소하게 편한점도 상당히 많지만 다 나열하지는 않겠습니다 ㅎㅎㅎ 한번 써보세요.
큰 맘먹고 구입했는데 정말 사길 잘했다고 생각합니다.
투자할 가치가 있는 제품이네요. 감사합니다^^
5/ 5stars
공동구매를 통해서 오페라/심포니 2제품 다 구매 했습니다. (1개는 집 나머지 한개는 공방용)
몇가지 공통된 후기를 남기면
1. 사진으로 보이는 것 처럼 미적 만족도가 상당합니다.
2. 생각보다 수납량이 많습니다.
3. 아주 긴 물건이나 넓은 물건은 좀 튀어나오거나 접어서 넣어야 합니다.
4. 작업시간이 매우 줄어듭니다.
5. 생각보다 스프레이부스 성능이 상당 합니다 (오페라버전)
생각나는건 이정도네요.
5/ 5stars
좋습니다. 책상에 벌려논 이런저런 도구들을 확실하게 수납이 가능하네요.
너무 이쁘고 좋네요 ㅎㅎ
바라는 점이 있다면 파트별로 따로 부품을 판매하면 차후 유지보수 하거나 도료 종류 변경할때 더 좋을거 같네요.
많이 파세요~~
5/ 5stars
먼저 이런 제품을 해외가 아닌 국내에서 구입 할 수 있음에 감사의 말씀 드립니다.
예전 mmzone에서 공동구매 할 때부터 눈 여겨보던 제품이었는데 자금 사정상 그때 참여 하지 못하여 매우 아쉬웠으나 정식 판매 한다는 소식을 페북으로 접하고 바로 구매 하였습니다.
일단 요약하자면 사진상으로 보는 것보다 훨씬 느낌상 거대하고 훨씬 예쁘며 나무의 재질이 사진보다 더 고급스럽습니다.
그런데 무엇보다 편한건 프라 제작을 할때마다 그동안에는 용품을 펼쳤다 걷었다 하는 반복작업이 없이
프라 제작을 하고 싶으면 바로 자리에 앉아서 작업을 시작 할 수 있다는 것이 최고의 메리트 입니다.
그 전에는 프라 제작을 하려면 사전 준비 작업 때문에 시간이 많이 없으면 그냥 포기하고 다음에 해야지~ 하곤 했는데
이젠 2~30분 짬만 나도 잠깐씩 작업이 가능하니 능률이 훨~~씬 오르고 작업 시간이 단축 되네요.
작업 중에 여러 장비들을 바로바로 꺼내 쓸 수 있는건 뭐 이런 가격대엔 당연한 장점이구요.

프라를 1년이상 꾸준히 제작하시는 모델러시라면 구입하셔도 전혀 후회는 없을 거라 생각합니다.
무엇보다 시간이 세이브 되니까 정말 마음에 듭니다^^
Total Rating : 5/5 based on 4 customer reviews
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    오페라 에 해당 팬을 꼭 장착해서 사용하고 싶은데요 장착이 가능 할지와 안된다면 그에 마춰서 제작이 가능할지 답변 부탁 드립니다.
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    사진으로 봤을때 왼쪽 세로 두칸(런너, 코너)을 삭제하고 싶습니다...이렇게 주문이 가능할까요?
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    말씀 해주신 모듈 일부 제외요청은 죄송하지만 제공해 드리기가 조금 어렵습니다 ㅠㅠ
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    아티스테이션 오페라의 최대 높이는 450mm(45cm) 입니다.
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    오페라 후기등을 찬찬히 보니까, 엘이디집게등, 스프레이 부스용 엘이디, 토글스위치 등등은 개별 구매인듯한데 현재 샵에는 옵션상품들이 없네요...
    괜찮은 집개등, 토글스위치, 판엘이디 제품등을 좀 추천해 주세요... 솔직히 이 모든게 한방에 들어가 있었으면 더 좋았을텐데 어쩔수 없네요... ^^;;

    오페라 셋 구매예정인데요... 추가로 아크릴커버하고 록타이트(작은걸로도 전체조립 가능한가요?), 고무망치(이건 왜필요한지 잘모르지만...), 필터 이정도만 추가로 주문하면 되나요? (블로워는 있어서요...)
    안녕하세요? 저희 아티스테이션 오페라에 많은 관심 보여주셔서 감사 드립니다^^

    말씀 해 주신 옵션 내용중 토글스위치는 옵션으로 동륵이 되어 있습니다^^
    이제품으로 테스트 하였으며

    부스 내부용 LED는,
    이 제품의 옵션8 제품으로 테스트 하였습니다.

    그리고 말씀 하신대로 록타이트 401 순간접착제만 있으면 완전조립이 가능하시며 20g 짜리면 전체조립하고도 남으십니다^^

    고무망치는 있으면 편하신데 왜나면 저희 아티스테이션은 CNC를 이용해 0.1mm 까지 측정하여 재단하므로 연결부위가 딱 맞게 조립되어 집니다.
    그러므로 손으로 꾹 힘주어서 누르면 들어가지만 여러개를 조립하시면 손이 아프실 수 있으니 고무망치로 통통 치시면서 조립하시면 훨씬 더 편해지십니다^^

    필터는 소모품이므로 필요하신 만큼 사용하시면 됩니다^^

    이 외에 더 궁금하신 점이 있으시면 언제든지 저희 아티스테이션으로 문의 주시면 최선을 다해서 답변 드리겠습니다.
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    안녕하세요. 매우 관심있게 구매를 고려하고 있는 유저입니다.
    다름이 아니라 사진에 보면 스프레이부스가 오른쪽에 위치 하고 있는데 이걸 왼쪽에 설치하게도 되어 있나요?
    답변 부탁 드립니다.
    안녕하세요? 아티스테이션 입니다.
    스프레이부스는 말씀 하신대로 오페라 좌/우 어느쪽이라도 변경하여 배치 하실 수 있게 되어 있습니다^^
    좌우 변경을 원하시면 조립 시 블로우어팬이 달리는 판재의 좌우만 바꾸어서 조립하시면 됩니다.
    저희 아티 스테이션에 관심 가져주셔서 감사합니다^^
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