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What type of glue should be used to assemble ArttyStation?

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We recommend following two types of glues for ArttyStation,

1. Loctite 401 Super Glue

2. Gorilla Wood Glue

Loctite 401 super glue is most convenient to work with because it’s superior adhesive strength, and fast drying time,
however, due to the characteristic of super glue it could leave a mark if it runs down.

Gorilla wood glue provides excellent adhesion, and easy cleaning of excessive glue with wet wipes for clean assembles,
but it takes longer to dry and less adhesive compared to super glue.

Other than the mentioned, polyurethane base glue such as Gorilla glue may be used to assemble ArttyStation since it adheres as strong as super glue, but note that it takes longer to dry and may leave visible residual marks. 

Standard wood adhesives are not recommended for usage due to insufficient adhesive strength.

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